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Your pregnancy is something you'll want to cherish forever. Aside from our 3D 4D and 5D ultrasound images of your baby, you'll want to chronicle your journey as an expectant mother. As such, we have a complete photo studio and an in-house professional photographer to document that journey.
We can provide high-quality maternity portraits of you during the pregnancy. In addition, we can be there at the place of birth to capture that precious moment when you and your little angel formally meet for the very first time! Finally, once baby is settled at home we'll capture beautiful and stunning newborn portraits that you'll surely treasure to the end of time.

Do You Want Amazing Newborn Portraits?

The first step in Booking us as your Newborn Photographer is to get our "Newborn Portrait Welcome Guide".

This welcome guide has important information about the Newborn Photography Experience including Maternity and Newborn Portrait Services and our highly sought after on location Birth Photography.  Inside you'll also find pricing details and some tips to help you plan and prepare for any of our sessions.

Fill out the form on this page and we'll email one out to you right away.

Set the Date before it's to late

Newborns are best photographed in the first 10 days of life. By booking well in advance you are guaranteed availability instead of waiting for baby to be born and finding out that our calendar is completely full. We know baby's are rarely born on their actual due date, so we reserve your spot using baby's due date and then we'll pencil in a few other dates allowing for some wiggle room. Once your baby arrives we'll finalize the actual photo shoot date and time. Because of this flexibility we will only commit to a determined number of appointments each calendar week. Book your session as soon as possible. Sessions fill very quickly.
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Creating Forever Memories

The birth of a child marks a defining moment in your life. From this day forward, EVERYTHING changes.
You have a new reason for living. You have a new reason to love.

And just weeks from now, your little one will no longer fit so tiny in your arms. They are only this little for so long.

With our newborn portrait session we will help you preserve those Forever Memories.

My Angel Vision in Springfield, IL offers 2D ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound, 5D ultrasound and HD Live ultrasound. We provide gender determination as early as 14 weeks so plan your gender reveal party today. Our en-suite photography studio boasts award winning maternity photography, newborn photography, children's photography, and family photographyMy Angel Vision Photography is a registered Trade Name of My Angel Vision, LLC